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Rabbit / Nov 07, 2014

Dear members!
We just had our first week of planned raids, and we nailed it, im very happy with the determination of you all and the amount of ppl that have shown up for our raids, this will only get better in the future im very sure!

Wednesday we had planned Onyxia for 19.00 and we entered instance at 19.00!! all loot was handled at 19.30 a nice guildie already took the initiative to handle guild invites for ZG just after Ony so we were already ready to go when i had handled to gold splits!, ZG was done in 85mins (as far as i remember?) we had a few troubles but it was still fast and split was good! we then went straight to AQ20 and cleared it all really fast as well with a good split too.

all instance was done at 22.45 so ONY + ZG + AQ (included invite times and loot handling) 3hours and 45mins GJ!!!

now for thursday

Thursday started a bit messy, we had again a good attendance from guild and im very happy about that, MC was planned to go @ 19.00 however Brickles just decided at 18.45 to take the crowd we had built and host his own MC run and we just lost all the ppl that we had collected from macro spam an entire week!!
furthermore, the MC raids we had planned in Co-operation with Shadowspace went to hell to say it mildly, last minute we decided to go without him (well actually he got mad and left) becourse of unclear conditions for the raid to be hosted between us.

HOWEVER at 20.00 ST we are clearing the first mobs, we are having a really good time, and we would easily have cleared whole MC in 3 hours if it wasnt becourse of me forgetting to dowse the first boss (we had to move back, sorry), we also had 2 pug bombs at Geddon and insane server wipes, raid was done after 4 hours. STILL on our first attempt, this was a really good time!! and the split, was a enormous 1400G EACH!!

we collected a few new recruits at the MC run, we got guildies really good geared, and we have got a really good fame for that split from the bigger guilds. keep this up and its BWL soon :D

Happy hunting! and see you on for the rest of the week! (we will be hosting ZG and AQ runs when raids reset)

-rabbit out
Rabbit / Nov 05, 2014

Guild is Formed, raid times is set and invitations have started : Welcome to a new chapter

Guild name is Kill Loot Repeat, and it was really a last resort change to the other suggestions such as "Rumor", "Mad Bunnys" and dare i say? "Gossip girl is alright". anyway it was a tie between Rumor and Mad Bunnys with like 33% of the active members for each of them. the problem was that the ones that voted for one of them didnt like the other, and the last 34% of the active members didnt like either so had to come up with something different and Kill Loot Repeat was the favorite choice on the matter. Personally i think it have the appeal to potential new members that the others didnt have, but it was a democratic solution so cant be more happy about that.

While we try to get as many from PM over to the new guild Veterans ranked players (old PM members) are allowed to invite.

Raid calendar is already set so start using it
missing alot of raids? well guild is just formed but for everyone that havent been active lately this is how its gonna look:

Wednesday : Onyxia @ 19.00 ST after that we will go ZG/AQ20 untill we get tired
Thursday : Molten Core @ 19.00 This run is in co-op with Shadowspace since we gain from merging our runs, untill we have enough ppl.

and thats it rest of the week is free to do whatever you like, however we will ofcourse launch ZG+AQ20 runs at reset dates.

Future plans for raiding:

Wednesday : Onyxia @ 18.00 to get head for a BWL run @ 19.00 (OR MC if we wanna do BWL on thursday instead)
we have decided not to do much in the weekends since alot of us go out and socialize, and its gonna be 50/50 wether we can launch it or not, besides theres alot of pug runs going on anyway, however we intend to launch a second MC run Sat or Sunday for alts and others that couldnt attend.
Monday+Tuesday will be open for AQ40 and BWL (if left before nef)

To get the best start possible for this new guild id like everyone to do a effort in recruiting new members, especially the officers, we need alot.

Happy Hunting